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I'm featured once again in the "Entertain Me by Michael Shinafelt" blog. The article is about my music video for "These Troubled Times", and it also includes the link to my previous interview with him, for those of you who missed it. The link to the current article is below:

I hope everyone is safe and is healthy.

xoxo, Jay

  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

I'm proud to share with you the music video version for my newest single, “These Troubled Times”! You can watch it by clicking above, or on YouTube by clicking HERE. My intention in writing the song and making the video is to state my thoughts about the current times in which we are living, and to remember that I believe the only way to heal and move forward is through bringing love and generosity. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to share it!

  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

I’m thrilled to share that my new single, “These Troubled Times”, is out today! You can hear/buy it here:

It is a song about the complicated times in which we are living, and how love and generosity are key to helping us heal. A music video is currently in the works. Subscribe to this blog to stay posted. Hope you enjoy it!

It is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and many other music sites!

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