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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

I’ve come to my own conclusion that life is difficult for us all. It has become so complicated, and I think we are all (each in our own way) struggling to survive and not let on – even to ourselves – how tough it can be. With the unexpected delay of “Infinite Man’s” release, I find myself in a limbo of sorts (much like the song “Sitting in Limbo” from the CD). So much of my own angst these days comes from my unfulfilled expectations of how life is supposed to go. I keep expecting something to happen a certain way, and for whatever reason lately, almost nothing is happening when – or how – I think it will. The key to peace of mind would be to accept things the way they are and “go with the flow”. I haven’t quite mastered that yet!

While waiting for “Infinite Man” to officially go public, I am deep in the process of directing and acting in a short film written for me by Patrick Moore. It is called “Lonely Boy”, and it will feature the song “And I Love You” in it. I’ll keep you posted on the progess from that project. I’ll try not to have too many expectations!!

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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, “Infinite Man” won’t be released June 9th. The new release date is not yet confirmed. I’ll keep you posted!!

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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

I’m back from a long and wonderful visit to Europe. I traveled to London, the south of France, and Italy. I saw many small towns in the French and Italian Riviera areas, along with Tuscany (including Florence) and ended in Venice. In many of the towns, it was like stepping back in time – especially in Italy – in the Cinque Terre towns, as well as Lucca, Siena and San Gimignano. INCREDIBLE!! One is totally transported back to the middle ages! Life (at least from a vacationer’s perspecitve) seems so simple there. People don’t seem stressed, the food is amazing (so fresh, and homemade), and there is beauty all around. We, in the major cities, have really drifted away from what really matters in life – enjoying day to day living. Life has gotten to be so much about work, and getting somewhere, and goals, and accomplishments. In the end, does it all really matter?? Sure it is great to have accomplished great things during one’s lifetime, but if you don’t take the time to enjoy it while you are living it, it really is a loss. A missed opportunity that you can never retrieve. I think everyone should visit at least one place in their lifetime – totally different from the life they are accustomed to. It can be a wonderful reminder (or wake up call) that there are so many different perspectives to life than the one we think is right. We humans are so misguided, and so much smaller than we think we are…

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