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A Dose of Reality

Right now, for various reasons, I am faced with letting go of all of my preconceived thoughts about my life and its’ journey. After being on vacation in Japan for a week – which was an amazing experience – and returning home with some sort of flu, something inside of me changed. When I am sick with a fever, my mind goes crazy with negative thoughts and feelings. But in the middle of all the depressing thoughts, I had several epiphanies! I’m not sure why or even what. I do know that I have a keener sense of myself as a person – my strengths and weaknesses. I am realizing that life has been a struggle for me to the extent that I have been trying to behave in a way that is not who I am. It is not how I am “programmed”. And I have been fighting who I am for years. Thinking I need to be different than I am in order to be creative and be successful. I can see now that I will never be the way I think I need to be (it is not in my nature) and there is a sense of peace in knowing this.

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