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Anna Nicole Smith

    The sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith is pretty shocking. At least to someone like me who knows her only from the Guess Ads, glimpses of her reality show, and seeing her in the news constantly. I didn’t know much about her lifestyle, drug use, emotional states, and so on – other than the death of her son recently, the battle over her deceased husband’s estate, and her persona of being a sexy wild woman. The fact that she was 39 and seemed so full of a future (stormy or not) has reminded me, once again, how fragile life is.     We humans think we are in control, and that we will live forever, but we are really just creatures who have made the earth as safe as we could, in order for our race to survive (at the expense of all else as we are finding out now). But we are no match for the earth, the weather, and certainly death – or each other for that matter. The world we live in is so fabricated, so out of touch with the universe. Maybe that is part of our survival mechanism? Maybe being that way gives us strength to survive things we normally wouldn’t?     Perhaps it is the gloomy cold weather today in Los Angeles, or the news of the near 100 inches of snow in NY, but with the state of the environment, the constant middle east conflicts, North Korea, Bush, and chaos everywhere in the news, life seems so out of control these days. How in the world can we get on track and live together, and work together for a better future for us all? I know there is a way, but I don’t know what it is….

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