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Career Update

First, I MUST say a major THANKS to all of you who have purchased my music! I can’t thank you enough! You are enabling me to record another CD!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Just thought I’d write a brief blog on what’s been going on career-wise. Things are happening – I’ve been busy!

I am heavy into recording songs for what will be my second CD! I am working with a different producer, and together we are creating a new sound for this CD. We’ve recorded several songs, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I am so excited, and am loving the way it is turning out – I can’t wait to finish it!! My hope is to release it early next year – if things go as scheduled. We’ll see!

The improv show “4 Hot Brunettes” was a HUGE success! It was a joy to do, and the audiences loved the show. The theater asked us to extend our engagement, but because of our schedules, we have to postpone additional shows. We do plan on doing more shows in the future. I will post info on my blog and website when I know for sure. And I found out the theater’s shows are podcasted live! If that is the case next run, I’ll post the address as well.

My short film “Lonely Boy”, was had its world premiere today, at the LA Shorts Fest! The audience seemed to genuinely like it! Hopefully there will be more screenings!

And I was interviewed today for International Artist Debut Radio (which has featured artists like Thelma Houston, Kristine W, and many up and coming artists), and will be their featured artist at the end of the month. I will post all the info here and on my website once my interview airs!

So life goes on! In the face of ups, downs, joy, fear, confusion, elation, and exhaustion, it goes on…

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