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Exciting News: New CD and Live Show Coming Soon!

There is a lot happening this summer. I will be releasing a new CD in early July! It is titled, “Peace At Last”, and will feature eleven new tracks. It is produced and arranged by Soren Young, a very talented producer and great musician. “Peace At Last” will have more of a “pop” edge than my previous CDs. I seem to be writing more “pop-ish” songs these days. It’s not something I was aware of until I started recording the new songs, but I think people will be very surprised (in a great way) by the new songs. It has been an interesting and fulfilling journey in a very creative period of my life, and I definitely know that “Peace At Last” contains the best songwriting I’ve done to date. I am very proud it if, and can’t wait to share it with you.

After three years of hard work, finally, my one-man-show has an opening date! It is called, “Mental Creatures”, and it opens on Friday, July 13, at “The Lounge Theatre 2” in Hollywood (6201 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 90038), with one preview performance on Thursday July 12th. It will run for six weeks, with shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm. The show follows the paths of three people going through life changes, with music woven throughout. It will feature songs from my previous CDs as well as several songs from “Peace At Last” – including the show’s opening song, “Human Nature” which was written specifically for the show. It is an engaging mixture of comedy and drama. There will be more details to come once the tickets go on sale – which should happen soon.

I apologize for not being more regular with my blog entries. I know it must look like I’ve disappeared and am doing nothing, but the opposite has been the case. I’ve been in a period of heavy work (writing, singing and acting), and have been so focused creatively that it has been difficult to stop and write about what’s been happening. It felt like that would have taken away some of the creative steam I needed to keep generating from. I’ve been a little bit better about posting scattered social media status updates (Facebook and Twitter mostly), but even with those I know there is room for more. Hopefully, my upcoming work will speak for itself. If you are in Los Angeles during the run of “Mental Creatures”, please come and enjoy the fruits of my labor – and bring a friend or two! I think it will be a very unusual and enjoyable show!

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