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Great News!

This has been a great week! First of all, I shot a pilot for the Sci-Fi Channel. For those of you who don’t know what a pilot is – a pilot is a scripted and filmed first episode of a new, hopefully upcoming, TV Series. It is shown to networks in the hope that they will pick it up, make a full series from it, and air it on TV. The show I was in has a great script, and we had a great crew, so hopefully it will get picked up!! Keep you fingers crossed!

More great news: Barrett Yeretsian, the producer of my upcoming CD (as well as my last CD, “Ready”), is the co-writer and producer of the hit song, “Jar of Hearts” sung by Christina Perri! The song is a MAJOR HIT, and is in the top 20 songs on iTunes!! Check it out and buy it!!

And finally, my newest CD is getting close to completion! I can proudly say that it is the boldest, most interesting work – both lyrically, musically and vocally – I’ve done to date!! Can’t wait to finish it and release it!!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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