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Infinite Man’s Release!!!

It is here! “Infinite Man” has been released!!! After many months of waiting, it is now available for purchase and/or downloads! You can listen to samples on the “Listen” link off the main pages, and can download or buy the CD from the “Buy” page. If you want to hear entire songs, you can also find me on MySpace ( where you can hear full versions of 4 songs.

I am very proud of “Infinite Man”. It represents a lot of work and dedication, and I’m thrilled with the result. A large part of it, I must say, is due to the incredible Manuel Iman! He is such a brilliant musician. He brought such life to my songs, and his guitar work in particular is very moving. Please support him, by listening to and buying his music!! I don’t think he has an official website (some fans have made sites about him), but you can find his music on, in particular his solo CDs, “Legacy” and “Flowers in the Desert”.

I hope you all enjoy “Infinite Man”, as much as I enjoyed making it. And I hope it speaks to you in some way. If it does, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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