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Live Show Announcement, and Words from Judy Garland!

BIG NEWS: My one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, will open on Thursday, July 12th! It will run on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights for six weeks through August 18th! After several years of writing, as well as performing a couple of small segments live, my show is finally ready to perform. I am working on a couple of new songs for the show, and am shaping and fine tuning the show with my director. It will run at the “Lounge” theater in Hollywood. More information, including ticket info, will be made available as we get closer to the opening. You can subscribe to this blog and/or my newsletter to get up to date info as well as pre-sale ticket information (before they are made available to the general public). After working hard on this show for a few years now, I am THRILLED that it is finally on the calendar!!

At the end of 2011, my music video, “Love is Love“, won three awards in two different film festivals, including the prestigious “Abbott Award” at “The Other Venice Film Festival”. In addition, my CD, “Revelations” got (and continues to get) a lot of airplay on internet radio, podcasts, and even play on a few FM stations. It was indeed a great way to end a somewhat difficult year.

It has been a busy start of 2012 or me. In addition to working on the show, I have returned to the recording studio and to date have recorded about half a dozen new songs. I’m planning on releasing a new CD this year. If I can get it together in time, I hope to release it in conjunction with my show in July (seeing that as of now, a couple of the songs from the upcoming CD will be featured in the show). Not sure if that is doable, but that is my goal! I am VERY excited about the new songs. While the sound is very much mine, they are a bit more personal and a bit more popish than my last releases. I feel my best work to date is in these new songs.

As if that weren’t enough great news, I also have new management (with regard to my acting career) – which I am very excited about! I’m now represented by MSA (McDonald, Selznick Associates). They are a great agency, and great people, and I am so happy to be working with them!

I’ve tried (and failed) to blog more often. These days all my writing energy is going into new songs and into my show – leaving little to no energy or thoughts for a blog. My mind is constantly full of ideas for my show and new songs and I can’t seem to think about anything else right now. I will try again to get back on the blogging trail as much as I’m able, and will start to post more information about the new CD, and my upcoming show as both progress. In addition, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. If there is ever anything you’d like to ask me, please remember you can always email me or post a question here, and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

And finally, I’ll close with a quote from the great Judy Garland:

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”

– Judy Garland

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