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Mother Nature

I don’t know what to think about life anymore. I am thinking that we humans are so in our heads, thinking and analyzing everything, that we are not living. And the world keeps changing with or without us.

I read recently that experts foresee that there will be no more fish or seafood in the oceans by the year 2048 if we continue living the way we are today (with pollution and over fishing). That is mind boggling to me. No fish – an empty ocean??? That is unfathomable, and would only lead to one thing – empty land. No fish will lead to less food for birds and animals – and humans, which will lead to even less and less food for all. Once the balance of nature is so drastically upset, it seems inevitable that food for humans will perish along with food for other creatures. Our ecosystem is what keeps us alive. We must reevaluate how we are living. It is mind boggling to me that corporations are still primarily about making money at the cost of the environment. That is just stupid. We have become dependent on gasoline, refrigerators, cars, computers, air conditioners, electricity, and so forth. So we must find environmentally friendly ways of living with these things – or we’ve got to change the way we live. And corporations must lead the way. I hate to sound like I’m up on a political soap box complaining (I guess I am), but it breaks my heart that all the great things we humans have accomplished to this point could be erased in the very near future.

Perhaps there is a song I could write to raise awareness??? I’ll see what I can do…

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