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Quote by Vickie Noble

On the eve of the release of my new CD, “Ready”, – which should be released any day now, I can see the journey and process I went through creating it from the beginning until now. I wasn’t aware during the making of it, but for me, it was a course in being unattached to outcomes. As I stated in an earlier blog, I really went with the flow of the songs. I stood outside my mind and preconceived notions and choices, and “listened” to what the songs were telling me to do. It was a new and freeing way for me to work. And I am incredibly proud of this CD! I can’t wait to share it!! It will be released any day now. 

The process I went through reminds me of this quote by Vicki Noble:

“The art just wants to be made. It pushes through the vehicle (the person) into manifest form”.

– Vickie Noble

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