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It has been a long journey, but finally I am on the eve of releasing my 3rd CD, “Revelations”, which is due out this Friday, November 19th. Of all the work I’ve done to date, “Revelations” is overall the most personal and expressive. Not that the songs are necessarily autobiographical, but I have gotten closer and closer to expressing my voice through my art. I can see how creating music (or any artistic endeavor) is a life long process. Like peeling back the layers of an onion to which there is no middle – but you get closer and closer to the core with each outer layer gone. Starting work on “Revelations”, I found myself having gained a new sense of comfort and “mastery” of my own writing and recording process from standing on the shoulders of both of my previous CD releases. Looking back, I now realize that enabled me to push the limits of my voice as a songwriter – both lyrically and musically. This has been the most fulfilling, exciting and expressive project I’ve created to date!

I’m very excited to present and share my newest work, “Revelations”.

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