• Jay Jacobson


I am back to writing songs!! It will be my major focus in the next few weeks. I am working on new songs for a second CD, and although I do have many songs already written waiting in the wings, I am feeling the urge to write new ones. Hopefully, I will start recording in July. It looks like I will be working with a new producer, and we will be creating a bit of a new sound (musically) for the CD. Luckily, so much has been happening around me that I have much to draw on for writing songs. I’ve been asked many times if my songs are autobiographical. That is a tough question. Some are definitely not, and a few totally are. Most of them are in between somewhere. Some of the songs were written about something I witnessed, another person I know or observed, or even a fantasy. I’ve also taken a passing feeling I’ve felt and explored it fully in a song. I don’t really know how I choose what I write. I guess it chooses me. There is an idea or feeling that clicks inside, and I know there is a song in me I know I can write. I actually don’t like analyzing the process or even thinking about it. I feel like too much thought will screw me up. Song-writing for me, is mostly an emotional, abstract process that flows (once I am out of the way). I don’t really want to say more about it or understand it more than that. I want to keep the mystery in it for me. If you have any questions though, feel free to ask…

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