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The Mix of Life

Life is pretty crazy. I guess because it is bigger than us, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. If there’s a mountain in your way, you need to realize it is there and deal with it. Not that there is any big mountain in my path at this time, but I do have hills to navigate. 

I am really blown away at the reaction of “Lonely Motel”, the country single I just released. I keep being told by people who say they don’t like country music, that they love the song, and that I should do a country album. I didn’t expect that reaction at all! The truth is that the song came into my head – lyric first – and any song with the lyric “I’m checkin’ in to a lonely motel”, just HAD to be country!! I don’t know that I have more country in me – we’ll see. Maybe someday…. Meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work with my one-man-show. It has been quite a challenge. I’ve never written a show before, and I’m having to flex brain muscles I’ve never used. Exciting and frightening at the same time. I seem to be almost finished with the writing, but I’ve found that (just like in songwriting – but on a larger scale) the writing has a life of its own. The great news is that the show is finally coming together, and I’m at the point where I’m interviewing directors. I truly cannot wait to perform this show!! 

I also briefly mentioned on my website, that plans are in the works for a music video. That is still the case, but it seems to be more out of my hands than in them at this point. It is definitely one of the hills in front of me – but I have hopes that a great, and original video will be produced soon! Again, stay posted to my website for updates and details. 

Perhaps some of the best news is that I have a new manager! And a great one!! I couldn’t ask for better support for my career! 

And lastly (just between you and me) I’m getting the recording bug again! I am really wanting to get back in the studio and start on a new project, but I have decided to focus on my show, and get it off the ground. Then perhaps, I’ll get back in the studio. More reason to get my show finished ASAP!!

So once again, life is a mix. A mix of great things, and hurdles to face. All encompassing, difficult, beautiful, wonderful, life!

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