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“Where I’m At”

I’ve been so busy with so many things – promoting “Infinite Man”, recording more songs, gathering a band, performing Improv, finishing my short film, beginning another acting project with 2 actor friends, studying Tai Chi and Spanish, and so on – I haven’t been able to stop and see where I’m at. To some degree, knowing where I am at probably isn’t very helpful. It is good for seeing progress with regard to goals, but I don’t know how useful it is evaluating one’s life. And I have a tendency to evaluate and assess myself. When I’ve reflected on “where I’m at” recently, there are days I’ve felt like I’m beginning a new chapter of my life. Like I’ve just stepped on a new plateau. But lately, as soon as I feel that, life swings down and knocks me to the ground! I guess that is one of my big lessons in life – since it keeps reappearing. To keep moving forward, letting go of all my attachments to wishes, desires, outcomes, and fears from past experiences. To just “BE”. Boy that is difficult!! What’s important is staying in motion, creating, living, growing. Easier said than done – it is easy until I stop and reflect!! I guess once again, I have to remind myself that life is a process not a result. Living is about being, not about what was accomplished. Why is that thought so difficult to retain??

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