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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

Life is amazing. I am starting to deeply realize that it is just a process. There is nowhere to get to. Things will not all “turn out” one day. And if they do (which they won’t – at least not permanently), those moments are only a fraction of my life. If I focus on results, I’ll miss my life. The happiness, the suffering, talking on the phone, buying groceries, dissappointments, laughter, the ride in the car to get somewhere – it all makes up a life. Life is in the living. I wrote a song about it last week, and I guess these are residual thoughts on the topic. This “realization” has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders. Just thought I’d jot it down…

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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

Official blog number two! Let me say from the start, that spelling isn’t one of my strong suits. You may find spelling errors in my Blogs, since I type as I’m thinking. I appologize ahead of time to those of you who can’t stand typos. Onto the blog… I’m back in LA after a few days get-away in Palm Springs. I have had so much going on in the past few months that I desperately needed a break. And I’m finding that Palm Springs is an amazing place to do just that. I stayed at a friend’s house and it was just what I needed (I even managed to miss the LA rains!). Now I’m back , writing away – finishing 2 new songs just today! “Infinite Man” is getting closer to being out in the world. My current goal is to have the CD replicated and available for purchase by May 20th. It may even happen sooner… The responses from the few who have heard it have been great. It is fascinating to me to see how subjective music is. Different songs speak to different people – I guess that’s how it should be. I love the fact that unexpected songs or phrases move people. The arts (music, painting, acting, dance, etc…) have always been a huge influence in my life. Music in particular has always been a “safe” place to feel emotions. Something about music in general is automatically emotional for me. I guess that’s how I relate to it. I’ll keep you updated on the CD’s progress. In the meantime, feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions!

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  • Writer's pictureJay Jacobson

I finally got my website up and running – a major accomplishment!! My debut CD, “Infinte Man” is finished and just about ready to print. It has been a five year journey (off and on). In the beginning, I had no idea I would be completing a full length CD. My goal was to record a 3 song demo, but as I kept writing more and more songs, I kept wanting to record more of them. I’m so happy with how the CD came out. It was a great journey. Once my efforts of getting “Infinte Man” out in the world are more on their way, I’d love to get back in the recording studio and record some more tunes. I’m hoping to work with Manuel Iman once again – he is an AMAZING producer and musician – and we are on the same page musically!!! Meanwhile, I continue to write more songs, and study voice with Joel Ewing – who is without a doubt, the best vocal coach anywhere. Please check back, as I will be adding BLOGS often. Feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions!

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